Do you want to lose weight but still want to remain stunning looking instead of just thin? You don't really know how to start a more organized, target based meal plan? Here you have a free meal plan as a guideline.

The idea of making a meal plan at all, other than for myself came with a simple question from one of a  very good friend of mine. She always looked good, but at a point decided to lose some weight, to look even better.  So, she did. Bravo Girl! Although she looked absolutely gorgeous at our last meeting, she was still not quite satisfied with the result. She felt, that although overall weight loss has occurred, some fat on certain places remained, like stomach area. I am very well accustomed to this issue. Me, myself I have the problem for example with my buttock, hip area, where the so-called stubborn fat just doesn't seem to have any intention of leaving. Nevertheless, these areas are not hopeless, on the contrary, they just need more patience and attention. But it is no issue that couldn't be fixed with a right pretty clean meal plan. So, I came up with one. 
While doing it keep in mind a few things: to tone your body, some weight training at least 3 times a week would be very beneficial, but if you for some reason don't want or can't do that,  any kind of exercise which you could do on daily basis, even for 15-20 minutes a day could be a very good start. Not to shock yourself first get accustomed to the meal plan. Prepare it, pack it. When that goes smooth, after two-three weeks, start thinking about moving. Start doing something, even a walk three times a week and slowly work that up to 5-6 times a week. Don't panic. Just do something. A 15-minute walk, ab exercise...anything. Just do something that matches you and your character. (For example, I am not the running type. Actually, I never run. But there are people who hate weight lifting rather run for one hour on the treadmill... We are all different, must find what fits you.)  
Every meal plan can and must be adjusted by the user. You can and must replace food items that don't suit you, don't like at all or are allergic to. Of course, you don't replace an apple with a big portion of french fries, but you can replace an apple with an orange. 
Keep in mind, that the food items, the less processed they are, the better it is. Let's say you would rather bake a potato with no oil, salt added in the oven, rather than frying it in hot oil. (And no, I don't think that potato is the ultimate manifestation of the devil itself.)
You can replace chicken breast with turkey breast, lean steak with lean pork. (No, you won't get fat from a slice of pork chop). 
May occur the question why is there potato, steak, rice etc in the meal plan at all... Because it is no crash diet plan, it is a meal plan pattern that you have to get accustomed to in order to keep up with it for the long run. I don't want to demoralize anybody, but any kind of natural body transformation takes effect in time. The “50 m sprint on high speed and resting for 3 years” kind of idea regarding your diet won't bring you anywhere. You got to have a manageable, workable plan. No carbs, no fats or paleo like meal plans I personally don't believe they are for a long run or better said, can be kept for the long run. Very low carb diets are mood killers and can get you depressed. They can represent some fat loss, but you won't be able to maintain it forever and due to the fact that you will be able to keep them only for a short amount of time, they won't scorch your stubborn fat areas as effectively as a more balanced long-term diet would. 

Why is the meal plan only for 6 days? Exactly the same reason as above mentioned. On the seventh day, even God rested. So should you. That doesn't mean you overeat. You won't eat 2 huge pizzas but if you want I definitely advise you to eat 2-3 slices for lunch let's say. Eat what you like, just don't use huge portions. Try to keep your beloved food items in the portion ranges of the meal plan. If you desire cookies, eat cookies, just try to eat them until noon time, and if you necessarily want to eat them in the evening, on your free day, then restraint to one normal sized piece. 

The meal plan is designed to keep you full most of the time, consuming the meals every 3 hours. Avoiding wolf-like hunger urges is essential, because when the cavemen style like hunger takes over you will probably lose the fight against your hormones. So keep on with fuel and never forget to hydrate yourself. Consuming more meals will boost your metabolism and your body will require more water. Drink 2-2,5 liters at least. Somewhere I read, that if you drink a lot of water you won't be that hungry. That one affirmation I find a total bullshit. When I am hungry I can drink as much water I want. My body is not a complete idiot, so it knows perfectly that I didn't eat food. I can not trick it in that sense. So, I would hinder from such affirmation. 

Diet and meal plans are not rocket science. They must be kept for the long run and they will make you look  good, exactly as you desire. Not in two weeks, nevertheless, some changes you will observe even after two weeks. Remain realistic and keep focused, because that is the only way to success, no matter what you intend to achieve.