Relax, relax and relax some more! That is the key to weight loss. Life is actually a drop of honey on rough bread. But you do know, that whole wheat, grainy bread does you good right? And the honey can spread if you give it time, slowly will penetrate your bread, make it sweet and soft. You just have to accord enough time, and even can help with spreading. No weight loss can be achieved through anxiety, actually, that is quite pernicious and can have a quite different result than what you'd rather prefer. 

 There is a cornucopia of books of psychology out there dissecting why we sometimes perform way below our capabilities under stressful circumstances, like public speaking, contests with a high stake, tests etc. Our brain sometimes seems to produce the true characteristics of a frozen computer, that badly needs a restart. You do know, why computers freeze sometimes, don't you? Just observe your phone, when you forget to close apps for a while and at a certain point you may experience, that it starts to freeze, slows down and gets very annoying to use. In those cases, you have to close your hundred apps and give a restart. Or when you believe a situation is desperate and is vital to call someone, but the phone just doesn't respond. Your chaotic vibration seems to have a negative effect even on your device whatever funny that may sound like.  So, you are not only blocking yourself, you with your “strange” energy are able to block even objects and people around you. Just think about that. Make a paralell with yourself.

 Although you are not at the Olympic games wanting to perform a decisive 11 m kick, when all eyes are on you, you are just trying desperately to stick to your diet. And you fail. Still wondering why? You must realize that the things we perform best at are the things that are already settled in our subconscious mind. We perform best at things we are able to do without conscious awareness. The relaxed state. In the state where you still go on with your life, not thinking of a diet as being afflicted by some sort of incurable malady. Diet is not a malady. And you are not afflicted. You are too susceptible to the influence of your own conscious mind. The conscious mind when in “action”, it is truly spectacular. The subconscious mind is not spectacular. It only gets things done, like when we drive a car. You don't pay attention to how you actually do it, but you do it. That is the reason why you also should not eat while watching tv because you get things done: you could eat enormous amounts without even paying attention. When you walk to your friend's house, you just go out the door and walk and meanwhile you can think of anything, still, you won't get lost or end up in a totally different part of the city. Because you are using what is already etched in your subconscious mind. Try doing it with your conscious mind. Get out the house, stop in front of it and start wondering which way to go. Because there are probably more alternatives. Try analyzing if you should walk or take a taxi or maybe take a bus. Or maybe call somebody to take you there. Or maybe with your own car, but then you can't drink a glass of wine because you have to drive... twenty minutes will pass and you will still be in your own doorway. That is the enormous power of your conscious mind. Of course, it is necessary, because every knowledge we acquire has a trigger, incentive or an endowment in your subconscious mind, but the know-how requires conscious steps.

Just like right now. Right now, you want to lose weight, because your body gave a signal, even if you think that you with your conscious mind decided that. The research how actually to do it asks for you to think with your awareness of the multiple possibilities how you can perform the task and succeed. It is a constant game, a ping-pong. But what utterly requires your conscious mind is recognizing the fact when you actually don't need it. Switching off is not easy at all but not impossible, it takes practice. Don't rumine much, get into action. As if you would take a stroll to your friend's house. Take the step, don't reckon endlessly. Make a small step in one direction. What could the worse scenario be after all? really, think about what the worse possible scenario would be if you make any small step? Most probably ypu will find that the worse case will still be better than the no-step. Sheckles may come along the way, because they do come along for all of us. There is no exception to that, regardless though, you will still be more ahead than remaining in own doorway.