Consuming enough fiber is essential to keep you on the right track. Fibers besides their detox, organism-cleansing effect help you feel full for longer, thus they support you in every way of eating the right things at the right time in order to stay fit and usual! 

 Highly effective weight loss technique is actually the technique of relaxation, “easy of mind” that an individual can self-induce and that reinforced with a fiber-rich diet is the true success. Believe me, that you do not achieve weight loss through diet only. If you say you achieved weight loss through restrictions and dieting, is actually as if you would say that your car pays your wage. The car only helps you get to your working place and by doing so aids. But it never does the work for you. If you get promoted, it happens because you act upon your best knowledge and that becomes rewarded. But you would never say that you become the CEO of an IT company because of your car, would you? Do not confuse the instrument with the incentive, process and achievement. It is part of it, but by no means has the leading role. Failure appears when you bring your car's tires into the office and expect to do the work for you. If all you think about is dieting, restricting calories and in general sense torturing your mind and soul it will end up in arousal.That is why to find your peace of mind is pivotal.

 Of course, it is a true challenge to keep your mind off eating, when you feel hungry. Here the fibers will come in handy. Here are some techniques which will help you stay on track.

 The first important thing is, you can never adjust something you don't measure. You have to use an application which shows all the nutritional facts about the food items you intend to consume. Calories and the major macronutrients, like fat, protein, and carbohydrates are important but they will not resolve your problem of a balanced diet. Why are you hungry after all? Because your body lacks something? Your body lacks something so you can not think of anything else but food, or your mind lacks something and it gives the signals to your body manifesting itself as hunger or cravings. It goes vice versa. With talking about the nature of your cravings it can, of course, be determined which one is it, but till you do reach for help in that matter or have the incline to do an honest self-analysis here is something to chew on.

 At this point, I do not care how many calories you eat, answer this question: how much fiber do you eat? Do you know how many grams of fiber you should consume? More than you actually do, for sure.


 Men should aim for above 30 g and women around 25 g. Why is fiber important? Because your body can't digest it as easily and it makes you feel full for longer. You hear a lot about processed stuff. Now exactly that is the problem with processed food items: they march through your organism like a terror commando. The only important thing they do is to deposit "themselves" as fat, giving you few nutrients you would truly need. Few nutrients, few vitamins. Your digestive tract won't sweat to “process” them because they are already processed. This is a laic but very effective way you should think about it. You do not need food items that are already “pre-digested” and all there is to do is actually just to unload.


 If you eat enough fiber you will feel full all day, can concentrate on other things much easier, your mind will start not to care about food and you will end up to remind yourself that you have to eat, so engaged you can become in anything you are doing.

 Here  is a sample meal which you can adjust according to your needs.

Breakfast: a boiled egg, one slice of whole wheat bread with cottage cheese spread, a red beet and I personally always consume one cup of coffee with milk, one teaspoon of honey bestrewed with cinnamon. (I love cinnamon) 

Snack: One big pomegranate (plus one whole wheat biscuit) The biscuit has the role of curbing the acidity of the fruit

Lunch: one cup of spinach with one fried egg, one average red beet, and some pickles, one slice of pumpkin

Snack: two cups of popcorn

Dinner: 1-2 cups of brussels sprouts, 20 g of feta cheese, two slices of ham and some pickles or any salad 

What food items contain fiber? Vegetables, legumes, nuts and fruits mainly, just click here to find out more.

 At the beginning, you have to measure in order to grasp the  right proportions but after a few days or week, after paying attention you will be able to put the right amount on your plate without the help of any scale on measuring device. Eat fibers, feel full, free, healthy and sexy!