After studies made with athletes, it has been developed a so-called “BioSignature Modulation system” (by Charles Poliquin). Its basic theory is, that regional fat distribution is hormone related and by raising or lowering a certain hormone, fat reduction on the “problematic” area may be accelerated. 

Six types have been differentiated:
Androgen type – accumulation of fat on upper arms and chest  
Insulin type – accumulation of fat on shoulders and hips (the muffin top)  
Thyroid-type – accumulation of fat on ribs  
Cortisol type – accumulation of fat on abdomen  
Oestrogen type – accumulation of fat on bottom and thighs
Growth hormone type – accumulation of fat on knees and calf  

Some argue, Mr.Poliquin may be right because hormones cause actually everything to happen in our body, nevertheless control the areas where each individual stores the fat. It's genetic related, right, but the “hormonal package” we are born with although a given thing, it could be adjusted with some “grinding”...when the grinding is made with the right sandpaper.  

 The sandpaper, in this case, may be certain drugs that doctors prescribed, nutritionist,etc but I believe a much more efficient way and long term solution is definitely the diet. We are what we eat, may be true, but even more, what we eat is reflected directly on our body appearance.  Like if you ingest chips, you will end up looking like a package of chips. Seems logical to me...or maybe not that much? 

 Every single type has specific diet suggestions according to his or her individual biosignature. The initial information I got reading about these all together is something like Oestrogen type> eat more broccoli. Wooow. That says it all, doesn't it? This theory, which at first sounds quite interesting...but I am way beyond now that level when I used to swallow everything from the net right away, without chewing...