Food can be addictive. I know it. And you need an addiction in the moment, that you lack something. I know that too. Any addiction is a substitute for something you are desperately lacking from your life.

 In our life the most important thing is, to keep some kind of balance. This is the hardest thing to do. We all have ups and downs. Sadly our mental state does reflect itself on our body, also on our well-being.

 I heard someone, say, that overweight people are happy. I completely disagree with this statement, because I know, that I became overweight many times in my life, but it always happened only when I was feeling sad, unhappy or depressed. Tasty food gives instant pleasure. Why couldn't I keep a healthy normal diet those days? Simple: if you eat chocolate it will make you feel instantly happier than if you ate canned tuna for example. This is fact, even now, when I am keeping myself to a healthy diet. I am not a hypocrite. I admit. In the moment we start a diet, don’t seem as happy anymore… were we then happy at first place ? Or that happiness was only related to food? If so, how can somebody, whose happiness depends on only one thing be called happy at all? Feeding is a physiological need, just as going to the toilet or drinking water. Would you call someone happy just because performing the previous?

 Eaters are like smokers or any other addicts. Smokers are often attacked, I don’t even mention drug users. They are scorned, they are all the time spoken against. But what happens with weight? Yes, we acknowledge that it is unhealthy, we also acknowledge the fact, that would be better not to be obese, but it is still considered to be a tabu in adult conversations.

 Does anybody think that somebody uses drugs because he’s so the hell of a happy guy? In the case of an overweight person, the instrument of addiction is clearly visible: food.

 I remember, my mom at every diet making long speeches about how good I look, how my jelly cellulite is normal. My father asking: what do I want? My ass is just fine because that is how a woman should look like… with at least 3 stomachs one overflowing the other, and some hips that hang down from every chair, accompanied by a jelly but?! If we would just as a group, as a society and not just isolated fitness sites recognize that even the puffiness is just not right (don’t necessarily have to be obese) we could treat it much easier. It is not just a “little mistake” we laugh about. I’ve been down on that hill, I know, that 22 pounds can soooo easily turn into 44. You won’t even notice it, and in no time! And how much abstinence, self-denial, will power, stamina, ambition, and only God knows what else is needed to shred those piled stones?! It is not a “hihi” or “ups” thing. Some people can destroy their whole life.

 I strongly believe that the matter has not been taken seriously enough. It should be taught in schools, that over-feeding is just like taking heroin. I’ve got “lightening” in school about drugs, but never about food. Neither from my parents nor from my teachers.

 We must auto-educate ourselves in this matter. And remember, you can only treat a problem, if you recognize at first, that you have one! I recognized it. I fought many battles, lost many too, but always remember, it is not important how many battles you lose, it is important that at the end, you win the war!