You are what you eat they say. You eat healthily, you stay healthy. You eat clean, you will look slim, you eat anything in your way, you will look sloppy. Modern day society tends to create a holy aura around food. Furthermore, it suggests that what you eat defines you, makes the contour of your silhouette, not just physically, but psychically. Defines your character and even gives you an identity. Sounds just exaggerated? Not at all.

Through well-aimed propaganda, food driven subcultures popped up. I saw people having wedding photos taken at McDonald's. Because they liked the food there (actually I assume that was the reason). Just think about Facebook. More and more people post what they ingest, which eventually will end up as poop, but at that point, it is a delicious food item. So, in that early stage, the person makes a photo of it and posts, for the world to see. Why does a person do that? Why do I do that? Because must admit I also do that. I consider it “something positive”. Everybody who does that considers it something positive: this may be a pure good will of posting new recipes, sharing healthy food ideas or in some cases just to show off in what fancy restaurant one took his or her meal at. It may also be for educational purposes, which at least I would like to think about my posts... Although some of the reasons may be as healthy as the food items they are representing, the fact is, in some way we do identify ourselves with it. We really are what we eat. Or at least we would like to be. A meat eater, a vegetarian, a “clean-food maniac”, a “protein-ingester”, “shake-shaker” or whatever. We show ourselves represented by the food item. This goes way beyond the mere feeding process. I am not discussing how staggeringly boring can sometimes this be for others, but I find it undoubtedly a controversial way of repeatedly portraying one's self by something as trivial as a food item, with no particular reason besides just the “pleasure of showing”.

I believe food posts if occur should be rare and in some way interesting or funny. Banal everyday meals, three times a day are just filling other's news feed but having absolutely no substance. It's enough maximum 2-3 times a week, absolutely not necessary three times a day.

Why is it enough? Logical. Something that eventually will end up as poop shouldn't really occupy your whole timeline or day, should it? As long as we call ourselves human of course.