Are you in a blizzard of information not knowing whom to listen to? Maybe your self-esteem is gored by so many attempts of getting where you want to be, but nothing really worked out till now. Feeling somewhat deplorable being in a rut? Having the feeling that your chums all do better than you? Feeling mentally and physically like a plump gnome? 
Blot out that image from your mind! You are no lawn gnome made of porcelain set on the verge of the garden table getting freaked out at the squeaky sound of any opening door expecting every moment for someone to come in and get you knocked off. It’s a travesty how much and often we are scolding with ourselves, how often we feel dweebs whining all the time. Breach the self-scolding and finally start to incur yourself for something better, the true you. Life is not a lumpy gravy you have to ingest no matter how lumpy it is. You are an emperor of your mind but you also have to be a rogue to your own self. Realize that our brain is not there to make us happy; our mind is there to assure we survive the trespasses of life. Hence it can be a bona fide scold sometimes. Cloaking our problems by watching soap operas usually doesn’t resolve our issues and offer the final success on a silver plate as an answer to our quest of finding ultimate happiness. It just only sets aside our woes but doesn’t curtail or ward off future challenges. But you are no inanimate entity, are you? Cause there is no such thing, isn’t it? 
Don’t tame your desires and abstain from going after whatever you want. It’s like climbing a mountain. You just spike one small nail at a time. Don’t care about results. Shackles might slow us down, that may lead to disillusionment, but you have to curb the pessimistic and over-reacting, over-caring you. Just calm down! There is no rush. It was no rush yesterday, why should we get hasty suddenly today? Keep your composure. Wield yourself. Let the pivot, the pivot set by you, lead you. You just put one tiny nail in your cliff a day and climb or “creep” just one foot. Master ignorance! By the way, do you know that ignorance can really be mastered? You ask yourself the question, how on Earth to get calm, patient, happy, optimistic, keep my composure , don’t care about shackles? How not to discern disappointment? How not let it overwhelm you? You are no sand castle to crumble at the first wind. And believe me, that some ignorance must be mastered in order to survive in this world, which is not all the time that “pink”. 
How to master that? Easy, with exercise! (Don’t worry, not with the exercise of the body, but the mind!)  Do not run away immediately. You can say, you tried, but let me ask you? How many times did you try and with what? Come on, give immediately an edict that you will start to exercise it. Not with huge things. Start with small. Like Mona Lisa was not the first painting of Leonardo da Vinci either! Like Michelangelo was also not born 40 years old with a  huge beard and started immediately painting the ceiling of the Sixtus Chapel. 
We all the time hear about people only in the moment they fought most of their battles. Nobody cares about the struggle, thousands of thorny roads they failed. It’s somewhat nonsensical how we find all that negligible, divest the collateral and get mesmerized only about the moment of success. By the way, do you know why they say the “moment of success”? Why isn’t that the day of success? At least the hour of success? Cause it is so ephemeral! Your small nails are the success. There is no such thing as the ultimate achievement and after that happy ever after. You can endeavor, spur, but better yield to the fact that you have to make the road pleasurable because the pervasive and ultimate happiness at arrival just lasts too short. Might consider enjoying the road as well, for your own sake! 

Exercise and achieve being ignorant towards road traffic for example. They toot? They get in front of you. Say to yourself: I don’t care! And explain. How faster will they go anyway? I actually observed that the “hasty “cars which were getting in front of me and “flying” away, I met again at the next traffic light. I went with 80 km/h, they with more than 100. So they had to stay put more at the next traffic light, and what was even funnier, that I got in front afterward, because I never had to stop the car. It was already green when I got there so I just passed.  But they again had to gear up. And again the same thing happened. They got speedy again, passed me, and guess what, at the next traffic light we met again. Their car only consumed more fuel, meanwhile, I was listening to music and constantly driving, which I prefer rather than waiting at a traffic light. Try this therapy. Every day. When you feel you are getting mad, just repeat to yourself why it is a total nonsense getting yourself angry about things so unimportant. Instead, during that time you could use your brain thinking about something much more important rather than actually wasting it pondering about insignificant things. Repeat it every time you feel your mind gets under adverse influences. Don’t let it perceive normal happenings of life as something annoying or something to get annoyed with. Talk to yourself: I am not getting angry, annoyed etc because.... and explain why you are much more important than to waste your mental capabilities for that particular thing. This way you will facilitate another way of approaching happenings. Next time, maybe you won’t get that mad or maybe you will, but the instant you do, you will also start to remind yourself of all the reasons why you should actually stay cool. That will occupy your mind, and we cannot concentrate on that many things at a time so it will have no choice but to chill down.