Do you want to lose weight, eat less, start to exercise or be healthier? But you have no idea how to introduce extra activities into your busy life? Here I am going to make a few practical suggestions, how you can fit in new fitness habits into your life.

   First of all, I do want to emphasize the word “habit”. Fitness goals, whatever they may be, must be done in the long term. Dieting or doing whatever you have in mind doing, don’t have any effect unless you really mean it. Like if you would wash yourself only two times a month, or only one week in a month, wouldn’t really make you that “popular”, would it? No, to be clean every day, you must have a bath every day. With fitness is the same. To have a great body, must do something for it on a daily basis. There is no other way. But there is a solution for everything. I did read something great, from a wise guy out there linking the new habit, whatever it may be to an old one. 
Follow 5 steps. 

1. First think about what you want to achieve, set the goal
2. Think about a daily activity which is necessary to achieve your goal. 
3. Find an old habit.
4. Link the new habit to the old habit.
5. Perform the two actions always linked, one after the other

   And there you are! Easy, right? Well, yes and no. Why no? Because you have to make some kind of connection between the two. You have to inspect the first element-habit. Just think about it, how many habits you have! You have really a great pallet to choose from. But have to choose wisely, and inspect also the circumstances, so that the new habit will come naturally after the old one, not as a pain in the ass. Cause if it will be a true bother, you will be unlikely to succeed in sticking the two together. 

   Example 1: you are doing your shopping on Saturdays. Shop healthy things. Make a shopping list, what you will consume and need during the week and acquire it. So, you successfully linked diet meal plan to average shopping. I usually use a great app called "Keep" for this. It is very simple and easy to use. I keep adding stuff during the weekdays, what I run out of for example, or what I would need for a great recipe I just encountered on the net. Before going shopping I revise it and I am good to go. Fully prepared. If I may give an advice, avoid "binge-shopping". I mean, don't go hungry in the supermarket and just through everything in your basket that falls in your way. This way you will only make your bill higher and usually, buy a lot of unnecessary stuff which are or meaningless or unhealthy.... and when you get home...since already you have it, well guess what's going to happen? So, the important thing here to remember is, avoid spontaneous shopping, aim more for a planned, calm one. Your hips and belly will thank you for it in the long term. 

   What do you do on Sundays? Let’s say you watch crime movies and relax, like I do. Good. Link it meanwhile with some easy food preparation for the upcoming week. Boil eggs (boiling eggs doesn’t need constant attention), boil mushrooms and usually boil stuff. For two reasons: boiling is better than frying because it doesn’t involve oil, and as I said, it doesn’t need you to keep a non-stop guard near the stove. So, meanwhile, you can watch your favorite movie uninterruptedly. 
   Example 2: 
You go, let’s say 3 times to the gym, but realize it is not enough and decide You want to do more cardio workout. Go on the other days, when you don’t have weight training, right? Sure. But you have to get there. Is that tied to anything? Not really. It would be a single action you have to perform, separately from everything else. Will you do it? Most probably not. So, what can you do? For a start make some few minutes more cardiovascular training after the weight lifting. Some say, that in this way you don’t grow… well, we do not want to become Mr. Olympia, we just want to stay and look fit. Just go on and start to make 20 minutes cardio after each weight lifting workout. It’s not much but it’s definitely more than nothing, which you would probably otherwise be doing. 
You may think now, that all these examples are unimportant, easy, useless or whatever. Don’t. Just don’t. Always keep in mind that weight loss is not spectacular. Body transformation unless accelerated with substances it is not spectacular. If it is spectacular than it will be very very short lived. Losing the weight is not a terrorist attack. It is much more like grandma knitting on a silent Sunday afternoon. She is knitting every silent Sunday afternoon from June till December and you are going to have a perfectly out of date pullover as a Christmas gift from her. (Of course made with much love…). This is weight loss. Not bombing, not a horse race, not Rambo action movie, but the conglomerate of small (but good) habits. Our bodies don’t accept the violation of their rights. A nice “granny” approach will always bring more in the long term, than kicking the door in like the Terminator. 

   So, for first make at least a good shopping, in order not to have a bunch of junk food in the house. Remember if the worst fast absorbing carbohydrate is a piece of melon, what you have in the fridge, you are already on the highway towards a great figure. (No matter how much dirt some people through on fruits because of their sugar content, because total elimination of sugar of our diet is BS with capital letters and just not manageable for everyday people.)