How to overcome situations before desperation takes over?
We face many situations that predict a negative outcome or they themselves are so negative that inevitably the feeling of stress, desperation, frustration takes over. We feel overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated, the fight or flight feeling takes over. We have a stomach ache and feel tight in our muscles. Like after a decision we just took that turns out as bad as possible. No matter the reason, that very bad feeling is something we can not ignore, it overcomes everything else and we just feel bad. We feel like the world is going to end, no other possibility, no chance of survival, that is just the end… But we live that many times in our life. Those feelings disappear and reoccur again and again. Nevertheless, they can cause a temporary mental paralysis, when our creative, problem-solving mind doesn’t function at its best. Like it is blocked, locked-up. It seems we lost our mental capacities to judge the situation like it truly is and we also seem incapable of coming up with new ideas or any solution to resolve the situation we find ourselves in. Or to come out of the bad circumstance we feel we are trapped in at that certain time. The mind is a very interesting instrument, because it seems, when we most need it, it freezes. I do admit there are people who perform best under stressful circumstances, but the majority is still suffering from this “lock” like situation. Just like performing before a public, keeping speeches in front of people, at exams etc. So, it seems there are a lot of life-situations when desperation can take over. Is there a cure? Yes of course. But curing anything needs first a diagnosis, and in this case, we are the doctor. the only doctor. We need, to be honest. Yes, because lying to ourselves like “I am calm, I am confident, there is no problem” although in some cases might not be a bad approach, usually doesn’t help to overcome the conflict situation. I strongly believe that facing a fear is the best way to overcome it. If you are in your castle and see the enemy, you might fear it, but you can only defeat it if you face it. Running out on the back gate doesn’t help, because the enemy will conquer your whole castle, burn everything down and chase you afterwards. But you don’t want to run. You want to be left in peace, but for that, unfortunately, you have to first fight the enemy. The outcome is not even important. If you lose the fight, you will leave and build a new castle somewhere else, if you win it, you will remain in it and busy rebuilding. Because there is no fight where you only win. Every battle you have will leave some scars, but those scars will never stop you from enjoying your life freely. You can even be proud of them. The more you have, the more you will appreciate your present peace.