I saw a great quote the other day on Facebook: “There is no way I was born only to pay bills and die.” No way, indeed, but sometimes we really do feel like we are doing exactly that. We get up, go to work, work 9-10 hours and go home in the evening tired , eat, go to sleep. Now, that was fun, wasn't it? 

 Some people say, you have to work something you find so pleasurable, that it won't even feel like you are working. Nice one too. But real life doesn't work like that. You can not have only top moments, do only things you enjoy. For example, I really do love my job. But am I all the time happy and doing all the time stuff that make me truly happy? No. 

 Everybody has a boss. Bosses even if they are nice persons, do have demands, which are not matching all the time your idea of having a great time. 

 The problem is actually with the system. When you are young and bold, you have to work, sit in offices, etc, when you get old and don't have so much energy anymore, you receive free time. Somebody asked, me: but how would you like to live then? You have to work when you are young otherwise, you won't have any money when you get old!” That's absolutely correct. And I never for a second am arguing the logic of this affirmation, instead, I do argue the whole concept. 

 Some speakers do say if you do something with great pleasure and dedication, that will bring you success. That is also something I would call: selling illusions. The great impressionist painters, like Van Gogh or Monet probably never listened  to great American motivational speakers and never bought their books either. They painted with great dedication all right but were they perfectly poor and miserable. Yes. Are they successful now ? Of course. The only problem is that they are dead since long ago, so can't really benefit from their postmortem success, can they?

 Nevertheless, success is relative. But in our days, it usually means, that the certain thing you are doing gets well rewarded financially. And the boring Facebook quotes that money doesn't and can't bring us happiness? True. But also very true, that not having money, won't bring you huge happiness either. 
This is and was the world we live in. Any true joy can only happen when we stop to lie and set ourselves free  from Facebook quotes. You will never ever see, the young rich person putting quotes like age is only a number or money doesn't buy happiness. You will only see older or poorer individuals posting such things... Ironic isn't it? Or exactly on the point. People just lie to themselves, repressing more their true feelings and forcing more fake ones on their mind. Admitting any truth is usually hard because we live in a very fake world, we are surrounded by  fake people, fake news, fake feelings, and reactions. How could we actually be true when the environment is fake on such a high level? 

 The world is a product of what we made of it. It's not fake by itself. We made it like that. Rubens in the XVI century still painted the women, like she is. For him the fat tissue and cellulite were beautiful. 

 And what we did? We  improved the women on the painting, but the actual real life women remained the same, only with some frustration, that now she should look in some other way... The problem is evolution doesn't give a damn about Photoshop updates. But we do. 

 So, back to the working program. How do we expect sitting 10 hours in an office, going home tired like a log, totally drained mentally, but meanwhile have a body like a Greek Goddess? Yet, that is still expected. 

 Controversial standards are everywhere. Just as controversial, like the fact, that when you could move, you have to sit, and when you are old and can't move you have the freedom to do what you desire, only your dick won't stay anymore. Bravo human society. Good job!