We all look for motivation at athletes and dream about having that perfect, absolutely “fat-free” look. All just nice shaped muscles, no shaky stuff here and there, no cellulite, no puffy pillow in “hidden places”. We do desire that. We also tend to make decisions, every other Monday to start not eating the “bad carbs”, the fatty stuff, no alcohol, no eating out, no...bla blah blah. And the funny thing is, in that moment we also tend to be extremely serious about it. And the Monday does occur, again and again, it also passes by us repeatedly. We say good by to it, and wait for the other Monday to start doing all the stuff we actually don't want to do. Do we want that perfect look? But we are just not willing to give up on habits, or we give up everything. Nevertheless, falling into extremes doesn't help and believing that you are going to achieve something due to extremely antinomic behaviors, won't function either. 

 You decide you will eat something close to nothing, for example...
Well, in spite of starvation being very unpleasant, is actually a natural state of a human being. Till some level some say it is healthy, so you don't over intoxicate yourself, and sometimes you give your body a break to clean itself. Not a bad idea. 
 But again, starving is a very unpleasant feeling and one of the major urges besides sex, just to name one more pretty popular one. 
 The cruel truth is, that staying in shape does not go without any care about our eating habits. We somehow must make restrictions, but the life to be bearable, we also must make the restrictions in such a manner, that they let our daily existence be a happy one, not pure self-denial and torture. Some call it discipline. Some even say that discipline is good for you, you will feel more powerful due to the fact, that you are at least able to control and discipline yourself. It will make you feel more in charge of your life, your self-esteem will be enforced and  overall more successful your life  will be. 
 Do I agree with this? Partly. Of course, that disciplining yourself at eating will lead to weight loss, your body will look nicer, and inevitably  you will feel more pretty, your self-esteem will grow...etc. But also the fact is true, that non-stop denial of cravings can be the result of building up an obsession towards body shaping,     and the times, where you just exist and don't have a mirror necessary near, hunger can be  really an enemy... nevertheless cravings. Are you in charge of your life? Maybe, but self-denial and developing an obsession, whatever the subject of this may be is just not healthy. Obsession itself is something out of the normal, healthy range. And I am also never ever more bored, as with “obsessed” people. People, who tend to have a fixation on only one niche of life, and all they do is talk about that thing are poor company. It doesn't matter if the obsession is towards dogs, vegetarianism, one or another social media sites, a certain superhero, band or bodybuilding. 
Interest is something different. If you are more interested in a certain issue, that is a healthy thing. If you “dig deep” into that theme, is also a good thing, especially when it is linked to health, like sports or nutrition. But obsession I do find too much and it is also very tricky. Obsession can have only two outcomes: 1. you do something till such a level, that success will crown your efforts or 2. you do the certain thing but the remuneration you expect to occur does not, and deep depression or exhaustion, may that be physically or psychically will inevitably appear. 

 Have to realize and get used to the simple fact, that body shaping is a rocky never-ending, winding forest road, with holes, bumps, dangers, which goes through hills and valleys. We all have a target, but actually, no target exists, because it is infinite. And how could you have a finite purpose place to achieve when your road is endless? You can only make short stops, but have to continue. You can not build a house in a parking area, can you? The only certain thing is your starting point. You can always go back, of course, but in that way you will never achieve your goal destination... nevertheless is more difficult continuing, when you know, that in fact the only thing you have is the road, no other certainty exists. And if you continue regardless, you strengthen your body and mind during the “traveling” process.
 Actually fitness, bodybuilding is no different than life itself. In life, you also have no certainty. You never know if tomorrow will be better than today, or it will bring something much worse, still you continue  waking up every morning. 
 As a famous Hungarian band was singing: “ being on the road is the joy, arriving means death”.  So it is. The two certain points in life are birth and death. We have no control upon these two. We don't want either of them. They just happen to us. Everything else it happens in between is a hard mix of self-made choices and our reactions towards the happenings of life. Because every event occurs, has no effect on us. Our reactions decide if it is a good or bad thing. We decide if it is a good or bad thing. And don't think only of psychical reactions here. Because we are talking about body shaping after all. 
 There isn't 100% good or 100% bad training or diet valid for everybody. The reaction of our body to the food we ingest or exercise we do determines the level of progress we make.  
One rule is hence general available. No matter how you keep up your struggle with the elements of your desires, fitness, body shaping brings more success, only for the long term. The longer you do it, the better you become. The success measured within you, not compared to the top bikini competitors. Long term is the key. And now we can turn back, to where we started: very big flames never last, but smoldering coal can give heat for a long time... I know this from my chimney... And hard, aggressive obsession can burn out quickly if not remunerated in some way. Don't risk.  Stay cool and JUST DO IT.