1.If you can't find the right word, find the right image

2.It's a long way from gazing till you reach the level of actually seeing. 

3.You don't need to invent the wheel, it's enough to know where to look for it.

4.Don't ignore thinking, because that is what your brain is for. 

5.Tell people, what they want to hear, anyway, they will do only that

6.You just have to look it in the mirror to see the reverse image of yourself

7.Until your mission doesn't become an obsession, nothing will change in your life

8.You have to be attracted to the book cover before you begin flipping the pages

9.You have to be in it to win it

10.Don't ignore your spiritual self because it will destroy your physical one

11.Take time to sit down and contemplate. It isn't a waste of time, because when you finish it, it will trigger the right action

12.Wanting doesn't mean having or not having, it means baby-steps