I am going to answer the question: how to stop and avoid overeating when you come home hungry from work in the evening or if I may ask one more, even a better one: how to avoid to eat too much, not to have cravings, but go and do some cardio exercise instead, after getting home late, tired and stressed out from office? 
The story seems to be repeating itself every single day. In the morning, you decide that today you are not going to eat too much, and going to do some cardio or any kind of exercise. But during the day problems occur, nothings seems to go the way it was planned, and till the time you end up at home it is late, you are terribly hungry, and the only thing you want to do is to consolidate your morals with some good, tasty stuff. 
First of all, let us clear something. This is not something evil, not unusual, actually normal, and human. OK, the next morning, when you want to put on those skinny jeans, and your muffin top just keeps falling out of it, you won't give a damn, how “human” you were the other night. You will wish not to have been that “normal and human', instead to have been tough enough to say no to yourself. And in this depressive stage, you end up in, you will probably tell to yourself, that now, it doesn't matter anyway...cause Monday has passed, you already ruined the week, so may as well continue. You will do 100% from the next Monday... Sure you will...
Procrastination is the killer of a good figure, and a huge fan of muffin tops. This is a clear thing. Actually, you have to imagine that procrastination is  the reason you have the muffin top, cellulite, fat on thighs, belly etc. In the terms of a good diet, meal plan or whatever we may want to call it, procrastination is the devil. So, don't associate yourself with it. 

 But getting back to our main topic: what can you do to stop yourself from eating whatever gets into your eyesight in the evening after a hard working day?
1.The first and very important thing is to avoid to eat too much in the evening is, actually not to be hungry like a wolf when you get home. Not being hungry like a wolf you will still have some sense in you, so you will be able to think more clearly about your food choices. Because hunger is a basic feeling, like the sexual drive. When you have it, it is very very hard to control. So, let's do something to avoid getting in the extreme “Me want food” basic feeling. And how to achieve not to be hungry, when you get home? Easy, eat something before you leave the office. Now, you may say: big deal... I need to have something prepared then... and I don't have time and I don't like and I can't and blah blah blah. Just shut up. YES, you will have to have something. But listen: you don't have to prepare thanks giving dinner for yourself, but you need to have “something”. This something can be anything from a prepared meal (chicken/rice combo), some nuts and an apple,  two tablespoons of peanut butter or a protein bar. To take two tablespoons of peanut butter or to eat a protein bar, after it, a glass of water doesn't take time, preparation or procession of the holy ghost. You can do that, and if you say that you can't even do that then you are really underestimating yourself.
I recommend peanut butter or some nuts, as almonds, because they remain a longer time in the stomach, and their fat content, till you get home, will definitely give you a sense of certain fullness. I tried many times. And why I recommend a fruit, although it's carbohydrate and has sugar content? Because you still want to exercise, right? And you'll need some energy! You can even drink a cup of coffee, that will reinvigorate you till you get home or directly to the gym. ( I assume at least  an hour will pass till you get from work to home or gym. So, in this case, you fed yourself with something, your stomach won't go in a protest march gaining its rights, ergo you can think more clearly. 
2.Now you got home or went directly to the gym. You are not that hungry anymore (we resolved that). Next step is to visualize your problem areas. Go to the mirror and look at it. It's not enough if you know. Humans are visual creatures. It's important what we see. What we see affects us. And that is just what we need. The motivation for you. The reason why you are doing what you are doing. Don't get fooled by your own mind. It will say “I don't need it”. “I know.” Knowing is one thing. Seeing is another. Boring or not, just go and look. But don't stop there. Touch that fat. Grab it. Now you don't just see, you even feel. It has to overwhelm all your senses.  Yes, you will feel bad about it: “Why, oh why God gave me this body?” “Look at the others how perfect they are...” Blah blah. We don't care about the others. Maybe their teeth are bad. Or maybe have others problems. We don't care about their annoyingly small asses. We care about our fat and that is exactly what we are going to fix. This is the right mental attitude. 
3.Understand that success is not one big thing. Especially when we are talking about weight loss. Weight loss is a tricky process, that is made up of “tiny successes”. Yes, because the result what we can SEE AND FEEL, are coming very late. Have to invest first a lot of good mental attitude time and energy in it to flourish. So, stop crying and start counting your tiny successes daily, “hourly” and “minutely”. In the minutes when you eat good food, it is a success. In the hours when you avoided eating and wait three hours between your meals, is a success. The evening when you did not stuff yourself with junk food is a success. Think about it, that let's say you lose around one pound of fat a week. What does that mean? That each day means around 2.2 ounces and each hour 0.09 ounces... Of course the body doesn't work like this, and you won't see this result on the scale on a daily basis because of all the ongoing biological processes, but on the long term, after a right diet, the monthly math will end up showing that the lost ounces daily should have been probably the mentioned ones. So, think about, that in the moment you had the proper breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, you lost 2 ounces. You didn't do the right thing? You didn't lose the two ounces, maybe you gained it. And do you want to gain or lose two ounces? Treat yourself like a naughty child. Explain yourself over and over again. And just like with a child, be patients. Don't beat yourself up. It's no use. You will only get more stubborn. You have to do it with much love and understanding towards yourself, but in the same time with  categorical attitude. Explain over and over again till you will get it because one thing I can say for sure: perseverance in explaining will inevitably bring positive results. It will get into your subconscious, don't worry. And your mind will do the rest then.