Do you often feel, that you are losing your focus due to lack of motivation? Like your attention is just spread on thousand different small things, though you lose from orbit the main and most important issues? I studied this, on myself. Observed and I want to share my experience, I hope it will help.

 The reason why we lose focus is that our attention can not be accorded only to one thing. We live our daily busy lives, some of us have family and kids, some of us have busy overwhelming jobs with lots of responsibilities. And the weight losing issue, for example, or eating healthy attempt gets under our attention only on Saturday night, when you try to put on a tight dress, and looking in the mirror you observe, that a sausage is looking back at you. So, you decide to diet from the next morning. But after the next morning, comes Monday, with all the shitty stuff Mondays usually bring... The drive slowly but steadily vanishes, the sausage in the mirror remains. 

 The key to overcoming this back and forth effect is to estimate your own moves. Count on the worst Monday that can be. Count on the most stressful week possible. That doesn't mean to wait for it or to be afraid of it, just be prepared and make a plan, what will you eat for example if you will have to go out for more than one business dinners, for example. And give yourself an answer. What are you going to do? What are you going to order, if they take you to the most expensive restaurant and can have whatever you like? Will you have whatever you like, just because you are there?  
 We have to count on the fact, that your meals won't stay and the normal thing is for them not to stay in the center of your life. We eat to live, we don't live to eat! Eating is after all the way we sustain our existence, our avatar. Actually, it is not more. So take it as it is, allows that much importance to it, as it requires. Not more! Also, don't ignore it. 
 Important is not to over or underestimate our practices. Be brave and optimistic, but calmly take in consideration your weaknesses and offer solutions before you are put in front of the bare situation. 

 Actually, the paradox is, the best way to remain focused is not needing to be focused. What does that mean? If you can respect your meal-plan only when you are totally concentrated on losing fat, then you are doomed to fail. It won't happen from the beginning but the light forcing of a habit leads to routine, and that is just what we desire. The routine to eat clean, the routine to eat healthy, the routine to go to the gym. Like when you are learning to ride a bike, or drive a car. First, your focus is lost, you see only chaos, cars are coming randomly from everywhere, annoying pedestrians are stepping down the sidewalk on illegal places, dogs run through, red light occurs, other drivers are hooting, speed bumps pop-up from nowhere...oh my! But when you learn to drive silence takes over. Do these things all disappear suddenly? No, they don't. You just get used to it having them around and you learn to stay focused on driving although the disturbing factors continue to be there. You overcome stress, fear and do it naturally. And when you do it naturally, it doesn't take that much willpower. You don't need to squeeze your teeth while driving to the supermarket, also you don't get to end up being a nervous wreck till you get home because a group of pedestrians dared to step down where they didn't suppose to. Eating may be a life-sustaining activity, but you can educate yourself to build it in your everyday life. To prepare and pack those meals. To prepare for the whole week. Not only for 3 days thinking that on Wednesday evening you are going to start enthusiastically cook again for the remaining days. That is BS. You are not going to do that. That is not negativism, but realism. Naturalism, if you will. 

 We are all weak sometimes. We may be almost equally weak, but some of us, are brave and honest enough to admit it. So they prepare, so they stay on track. Try not to leave your nutrition, meals, and eating processes as a victim of pure guesswork. It's exquisitely non-productive, even harmful when we think about body shape. Our feelings are the reflection of  moods, moods are a reflection of weather changes, environment, Moon-state or God knows what. Yes, you have to listen to yourself, but again, count on, that we always want to choose the easiest way. And not to prepare lunch for the whole week, or watch tv is much easier than sweating in the gym, while your trainer shouts at you that you are weak and pathetic. 

 You also have to learn when to trust your gut, and when not. How can you determine, when enough is really enough, and when only the lazy ego wants to watch tv. We are going to go through that too. But that is  another story...