Mastering the technique of not giving a shit about circumstance and minding your own business is true art. Not many are able to do it but I assure you, it is possible.

Mastering the very technique to fully ignore disturbing people, thoughts, activities,etc in your life and following your own dream takes the greatest courage ever because our mind does adore to hang on. To hang on a bad eating habit, hang on a miserable relationship just because of some distorted sense of fear. Why distorted? To fear something that has not yet happened, at the very moment you are already in fear of something that is happening right now is a total nonsense.

Let's say you are afraid of your continuously shouting boyfriend. Ok. Nevertheless, you are afraid of leaving him due to your fear of not remaining alone, for example. Fear in fear. The double fear syndrome affects a lot of us. We are feeling uncomfortable, we feel pain, we are hurt but still, we are afraid to change. Doesn't that just mean that change itself is our biggest and ultimate fear? We can survive and endure everything. We just pull it through. And indeed torturing ourselves mentally or even physically, remaining in bad circumstance is preferable for us, more than admitting that our own situation scares us too. No, we deny it vehemently. We tend even to fight change. Change is the scariest one of all no matter what it aims at. But why is changing a life circumstance we are used to so difficult for us? The answer is pretty easy: because what you already know, however, bad it may be, you already know and are accustomed to. You know what to expect and that is relieving for our mind even if what follows is not optimal for us. What about change? Change requires courage. Change comes with unknown situations, could also come with failure but also with yet unknown opportunities. Nobody can truly estimate everything in advance and prepare them for every possible situation. Even for the greatest minds that it's just impossible because life itself is a constant moving, changing abundance of happenings and situations. Change carries the possibility of failure, which is very frightening for everybody. We fear to fail, ignoring the fact that winning is not permanent and failure is not final. Because we do live one, new opportunities come along again and again, so success and failure are actually just sides of our dice. And remember we constantly through it. The more we through it, the more chances we get to succeed or to fail. It just depends on how you look at it. Even if you want to succeed, have to throw more, being conscious that it may not always turn to the right side, but even the failure side is a 100% assurance that you are going to succeed, just because you through it more and more. And there is absolutely no chance that only one comes out all the time. No mathematical way.... Ask Einstein....

Achieving ignorance toward negative people, seemingly negative happenings is something you just have to accomplish in order to be able to concentrate on the main actions you have to take to achieve your dreams. Taking negative influences on your back, carrying around the burden of guilt is only going to through you back or make you stay put. And the last thing you want to do is stay put. You want to go forward and take steps. Like Winston Churchill said: "if you are going through hell, keep going". If you stop you will burn more, so the only possible way is to act. Acting means more deeds, more opportunities, more failure and inevitably more success. It is logical, so don't get distracted. Everybody, even the ones that wish good for you, doesn't have the vision what you have over your own life, power and talent. You are the most capable person to judge yourself if you judge yourself honestly and exercise positive criticism. No one knows exactly what is in your head, what knowledge you possess, what dreams, goals you have, only you. There are clever people who will advise you along the way, wanting good, but even they can not tell who and what you really are or can become, what fire burns inside you. A lot of times parents are also not good judges. I've seen both types: the parent who wants something from their child that is not actually there, encourages sides, assumed talents that are nonexistent in the child and by doing this they build a strong confidence in something the child is actually not good at. It well may have been, that the child would have had extraordinary talent in something totally different, but he becomes average in that certain domain, with a confidence that is funny for the true talents.

Nevertheless, there is the other side, the parents, which think much less of their children than they really are. They don't encourage bold dreams, but introduce fear and doubt and by doing this may well cut in two their children's dream. I very well know the letter, because my parents are just like that. For example, my father is the type of person who would love to see me being a cleaning lady with a husband and 3 children, rather than a free, happy, creative woman in leading position. No, use telling about my dreams, because they are all rubbish...according to him. But that is exactly the type of thing you have to get over with. A parent is hard to be ignored, but it doesn't matter if it is a parent or a neighbor. If he or she doesn't bring you closer to your dreams, doesn't support what you really feel like doing, then you must totally erase from your mind everything such a person says. Remember that wisdom doesn't necessarily comes along with age. Don't be fooled. Expedience comes along with age, but not everybody can use it wisely. You must be the judge, to who's advice you listen to and who's you will and have to ignore. Keep in mind, that only and only the fulfilling of your dreams will make you ultimately happy. If you are satisfied with less, you will always remain half satisfied. So, ignore the factors that don't help in acquiring what you want and only concentrate on those, which help to build your bridge toward your goal, no matter what your goal is, to be able to live alone on the mountain, to become your fifth child or buy a sports car. Different things mean success for different people. Only one thing is common for everybody: the state of mind you got to achieve first in order to achieve anything at all.