Being good at something naturally holds within that you were once very bad at it. There is just no other way around it. Nobody is just born with the absolute knowledge of how to perform a certain action. Even great artists did struggle with the learning process when they realized they must attend a certain path. The talent does not lie in the fact that one simply knows everything from the very start, rather emerges from the seemingly endless struggle one puts him or herself through on the path toward achieving the dream. The talent is actually the creative dream and the diligent work. Without these two there is no achievement and the talent one has can never come to the surface.

     Not giving up on ourselves when nothing seems to work is a talent in itself. Learning processes can be most often mentally painful. Surprisingly our brain, the very organ that should be very excited to acquire the knowledge seems to be highly reluctant when it comes to learning something new. We get the feeling that it opposes with great vehemency our every attempt to pour something new in it. Why does it do that? Because learning means being clumsy and stupid. The exact reason why people are not so fond of going to the gym. Learning anything is a mental workout. Just as your body opposes the heavy exercise the same way our mind does everything in its power to tell you that the idea is not worth it, it is anyway too difficult and you can’t learn it anyway or it will take ages.

    Learning usually takes time, the time we usually like to spend with easy and fun stuff, not with struggle. Actually just think about it, who likes to say that “I would really like to go home now and struggle for a while”? We always say that we would like to go home and rest, watch TV, play, eat a good meal etc. But to go home and go through some good mental torture, well not really. Work was enough from mental torture… Then how do we do it?

    Any learning requires a good amount of “I don’t give a shit” attitude mixed with “this is my life, I must learn this” attitude. The two are totally opposite kind of feelings but I will explain what I actually mean. The two feelings must be genuinely and intensively felt. The huge difference between the two is to what they are aimed at. The “I don’t give a shit” attitude must be present towards any distractions, disappointments that may and most probably will accompany the process. The goal is sacred and must be beyond discussion. So this is your life and that is what it takes. End of story. Beyond debate.

    The very reason why people do not achieve their dreams is that at first all the time you have the technical obstacles. The technical problems all the time build up in huge mental barriers that just keep you away from getting at a satisfactory level. Dissatisfaction causes repulse. When you have repulse it is even more difficult to perform any task and to perform it on a high level with which you could somewhat satisfy your success need. In those cases, most people just abandon and invent all sorts of excuses for themselves. The truth is that there are only barriers, not real excuses. Excuses actually do not exist. They are only inventions of the mind to offer comfort why one could not achieve his or her dream.

   It is totally true that the true experience of life does not come from sitting on the couch and eating chips. Leaving our comfort zone means to actually experience some of what life has to offer and learning offers just that. Leaving our cozy zone and daring not to know. Because assuming the not knowing takes courage. Takes determination. Takes audacity. The serenity of success comes from first being through the chaos of struggle.

    The process of learning is not smooth and straight. And it does not always show a continuously ascending line. It may curve and descend. It may fall deep or stagnate and those are the points when we usually lose faith, give up and find excuses. Do not give up. It is only a trick of the mind. The mind is only a servant organ after all. You are the master. The soul must know what one must do. Do not let an organ tell you otherwise. Your soul must never care that the body is lazy because if you do not follow your dreams, eventually that lazy brains is going to torture you, this time with regrets.

    Learning a new thing is usually hard. It takes a lot of patience and understanding toward yourself. Everything must be learned. However, some learning processes seem easier and some require a lot more time but the sky is the limit if you adopt the right attitude in approaching you brand new goal.