Men or women, some bodybuilders have gorgeous muscles. Some may like it, some may not,  but one thing we have to admit:  everybody looks with envy on those great bodies. 

 How do they achieve that awesomeness?  How is it possible for some women, to gain that much muscle, and not to put fat on the problematic “womanly” areas? 

 Lets’ start from the beginning: what is muscle building? How does a muscle “get big”?
The muscle’s “getting big” action is called muscle hypertrophy, and it means that the skeletal muscles increase their size due to stimuli. Hypertrophy occurs as a result of training – anaerobic exercises- and the right kind of nutrition.  

 For men is somewhat easier to build muscle, because of the testosterone hormone of which men produce higher quantities than women. The difference is pretty much, as males produce between 300-1000 but females female between 15 – 70 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL = this is the unit in which laboratories measure testosterone levels).  So, even with amateur eyes, the big difference between the two sexes it's pretty easy to observe. 
The testosterone is a predominantly male sex hormone, which is responsible for guys looking the way they do: developing the sex organs, muscles, bones, body hair, deepening of the voice, etc.  So, the fact that men have a more muscular body, with narrow hips and wider shoulders, stronger arms is determined by the testosterone.  For a woman to achieve the same, meaning wide shoulders, back, muscular arms, narrow hips is difficult, because we don’t produce sufficient testosterone  hormone to make us look like that. And here comes the question, how on earth get some women so “manly” bodies anyway? 

 Well, one thing is a fact: it doesn’t happen as a natural result of going three times a week to the gym. Nor would you get the result going every day to gym, for 5 years. So, the subject women, who desires a muscular body , when help doesn't come from nature, she’ll get it from the “pharmacy”. (men also rely on steroids to make body changes occur faster and have literally “bigger” results)

 For a woman, to get very muscular must be administrated some “help”, for example, anabolic steroids, which contribute to achieving the male sexual characteristics, a more apple-shaped body, skeletal muscle growth, deepening the voice, body hair growth. Some of these, like a certain muscle growth, is welcomed, but sadly, this is a package and you are allowed to buy only in wholesale, that means, you as a woman, can achieve a great biceps and you won’t be that much predisposed anymore to having the muffin-top. But also may get hair all over, thickened vocal chords and so on. Not a rule, but may occur. 

 Some people do rely on steroids, mainly because achieving anything in a natural way takes a long time, and genetics together with nature also make certain achievements impossible. 
So, ladies, never fear to go to the gym, because you are going to end up looking like a man. Naturally, it is just impossible.