We have to find happiness inside us. 
Think about it: you have a perfect afternoon, nothing bothers you, you seem calm and joyful, but suddenly your spouse, friend or anybody you are at least a little bit tied to sentimentally makes a bad remark or “hurts” you. You instantly become sad.  The even worse thing is that nowadays we become sad even from facebook remarks for individuals, which we don't even know personally or have absolutely no link to. (Besides of course the online one.) You may even want to smoke a cigarette. 

 But what happened? A few second earlier you were perfectly happy, and now suddenly you became sad. You feel that the joy has vanished.. in this case you have to recognize that your joy and happiness was a false one. The happiness can't be taken away by a bad remark or gesture. And if you feel it was taken away from you than the truth is, that it was like a mask. Happiness doesn't depend on others. Other people have their own problems, even the closest ones to you. They all have their problems and sufferings. Some people just simply want to hurt others, because that's just their character. If you make your “beatitude” dependable, then that's just what it is going to be. What is yours is yours. What you borrowed has to be given back. If you own your own house, then you can decorate it, how you want, if you have one in rent, it can be taken away from you anytime, and you also will not invest a lot in it, because you just know, that it is not yours. 

 It is actually amazing how dependable we made ourselves on others. But depending on others is bad. Depending on other people or things you can grasp it is a false happiness. People and things, all the material things can be taken away, can vanish from your circle and then what will you remain with? No hope, no love, no happiness? It is the best thing to give to others any way you can because it will uprear you soul. It will widen your horizon. But depending on others doesn't have the same effect. Actually, it has quite the opposite. Even for people, who feel like having no problem on making their existence pendant from others this will fag them out, the result being a weaker person, irritability, anger, even hate towards others and life itself, at a certain point. 

 But is it possible to achieve such a level of self-control to liberate ourselves from auto-induced sentimental slavery and dependency from others? Answer: yes it is. This is the good news. The not so good news is, that achieving it doesn't go smoother and faster than weight loss. So you might as well link the two together and work on it the same time. What I can affirm for sure, is that shaking off the chains of the sentimental slavery support a great deal, the weight loss effort. But losing weight and obtaining confidence support also your character, making it more positive and less influenceable  towards the opinion  or high and lows of others. And I can not emphasize enough how important is in weight loss and weight maintaining to avoid sentimental ups and downs. Constancy is the key because the yo-yo of your feelings, attitude and whole mindset can and many time does end up in a yo-yo of pounds. So, give a thought to more sentimental stability and make some steps, how to achieve a better body through better sentimental approach.