Feeling you are overweight? This doesn’t mean you have to get depressed. Losers get depressed. Winners take action. Sorrow is piteous. Fight is hot. Achievement is the end-effect of a long fight. And there is no fight without ever getting hit. You can never achieve anything if you are all the time afraid of getting hit. 

 The first hit is realizing what the problem is. If you identify the problem, it is your first huge step. Do not be sad, that you don’t have the answer, the solution yet. Be glad that you identified it. Remember that you will never ever find the cure, if you deny that you are sick at the first place. You have to go to the mirror and realize, understand and actually visualize the problem. There is no more effective “hit” on yourself, and better way of understanding, that seeing something with your own eyes. Seeing yourself naked sitting on a chair. It is much worse than standing, believe me. Seeing the numbers on the scale. These all have a powerful effect on you. Without the “hit” you will never get up and do something. Denying is human and we all use it to protect ourselves of different happenings that would cause us suffering, but it is never good. It only pushes the achievement further away. It is never a great feeling realizing bad things about ourselves but it is much worse keeping your head in the sand. 

 So, no, you are not fat and miserable, but  fat and a fighter! Do not be afraid of words. Is fat a bad word? Does it offend you? Why? Think about it, that only those things upset us, hurt us the most, which other people say about us, and we feel deep down that they are true. If somebody say: you have blond hair, it does not upset you. If somebody says, you have smooth skin, it does not upset you. If somebody says, your leg is slim or your nail is long….are only enunciations. But what is somebody says, you have rare hair or big ass? You see the difference? Even if it would be said with the same tonality, from the firsts you would not feel offended, but the latter would hurt you deep. This means you do care. If you care enough you’ll find a way, otherwise, you will find only excuses.