Are you unsatisfied with your body image? You often wonder what can you do about it to become perfect? And why the fuck it takes around “forever” to lose weight and change your looks? 

   One thing we can affirm for sure, our body is stubborn. It just refuses to look in a way that we "know” it should or would be most preferable.  

   But if we look back in time, we just realize, that the no-ass look wasn't always the standard. For example, my mother tells me when she was young the 100% body depilation was not in fashion. It was normal to have hair in some places, that now we find utterly disgusting to have. 

   Let's consider for example cellulite. Cellulite is considered ugly. Right. Great. It is in vogue not to have cellulite. To have, as a 30-40 or more year old woman, cellulite-free asses. So, it is practically in fashion, that a thirty-forty-year-old woman should have a skin like a 1-year-old kid has. Meanwhile, the woman works 10 hours, drives, cooks, shops, cleans the house and of course calculates every damn calorie what she eats. Spends daily at least one hour in the gym, etc etc. I mention that our day, according as I last time checked has 24 hours.  Still only 24 hours. 

   Congratulation society! You just set a standard that is practically not achievable for a working average woman. Then why the damn standard? 

   Do not get me wrong here, I am utterly against getting 3 tons, eating non-stop only high calorie processed foods, but I also realize, that having an absolutely smooth baby-ass is utopia. You can still look sexy, muscular, lean, even sporty, but age is age, genes, body-type and nature, human evolution universally speaking and on the personal level are something different. In nature, nothing is perfectly smooth. Mountains, hills, rocks, tree trunks etc. Everything has a texture. You can not return the clock or stop it. You can not expect your skin, cells, entire body to behave like you wouldn't too evolve in time like everything else on this Planet.  

   To give surgically and with other body modification treatments "over-processed" idols to the society that are torn from reality produces only frustration, but it will never change our genes. 

   Do you know that you don't need to eat a gallon of food when you are content with yourself? That you will naturally not need to “consolidate” your soul with food when you are happy? When you savor your life? 

   But when you are happy and don't consume a huge amount of food, then you will also not buy huge amounts of food. You also won't get sick, so you will not have to buy medicine either. In other words, you, with your satisfied soul, little cellulite and healthy soul and body will  ruin the world economy. And who needs that? Wouldn't it be better to get a good belly liposuction and maybe put a breast implant? Much more “productive” it would be to even take a loan from the bank to do it and pay interests for like... 10 years for it, right? Now, you're talking, honey! That's how you consolidate the world economy, that's how you get the body you wanted and just that is how you will leave a non-stop “craving” and miserable life. 


   We are well beyond common sense nowadays. In every single act of every single “well-known” personality somewhere you can find the “money” reason. I sometimes do smile, when they say somebody is a millionaire and a “philanthropist”.  How does that come together if you deeply think about it?

   The only thing you have to pay attention to is how to be a philanthropist with yourself. And also keep in mind, that who eventually wants to sell you a product, the main goal is to sell that product, not your well being. The two things should never come on the same page ever, but unfortunately, it does. 
Always judge, yourself: what your common sense finds good, it is good. Society is easy to lead and there are people who use this in a very calculating and shrewd way. Do not let that happen by keeping yourself as you really are and being as satisfied and happy as you possibly can be.