Do you ladies, have a problem with stubborn hip fat? Or guys with abdominal fat? Of course. Sometimes training and even a proper diet makes very little change. The distribution of fat is many times unequal, having a big amount on the hip, some on the abdomen, some on the arm, shoulder area. Is it possible to change somehow this annoying “gathering in one place” issue? Yes, there is, at least according to Mr. Charles Poliquin and his Biosignature modulation. 

 According to his theory, fat distribution is an endocrine problem. Hormonal imbalances are the cause of unequal fat distribution on the body. He distinguishes six types, according to the “evil” hormone which gets out of control with it's revealing evil skinfold: 
Testosterone type – accumulation of fat on upper arms and chest . The skinfold on pectoral and triceps are the most relevant.
Cortisol type – accumulation of fat on the abdomen. Evil thing: the umbilical skinfold.
Growth hormone type – accumulation of fat on knees and calf: the skinfold on these.
Insulin type – accumulation of fat on shoulders and hips.  Suprailliac, Subscapular skinfolds reveal it.
Estrogen type – accumulation of fat on bottom and thighs. The skinfold on quads and hamstrings  are more “consistent”.
Thyroid-type – accumulation of fat on ribs  , skinfold: mid-auxiliary. 
 They are using calipers to measure fat folds and according to this is observed where the biggest fat fold is, and so the “defect” hormone is detected. What is there to do? You fix the evil hormone and well off you go. Or do you?
 Let me remind you, that everywhere, where is a huge business in the background, something may be fishy and needs investigation, nut just blind swallowing. I read a great article from Mr. Menno Henselmans, on his blog called “bayesian bodybuilding”, where he very scientifically explains and debates the scientific base of Mr. Charles Poliquin's Theory, The BioSignature Modulation. He points out the truth I was suspecting, that the theory doesn't lie on an exactly scientific ground, there are studies made that actually prove that it is more a fashion trend and “wholesale” attempt, than true epochal discovery. Why? Let's see. First, you don't need a caliper to  tell where somebody stores fat. It is enough if you look at the person. But a simple look of an eye is not that spectacular as a serious looking person looking with a caliper...You just have to admit this...
 Second, if you give any kind of weight loss plan to a person who carries some amount of fat, somewhere, inevitably the person is going to lose fat. And it's going to lose fat from the place where the fat is. That's screamingly logical. You can't lose fat from the place where you don't have it. And if you have all over, any way you are going to lose all over. 
 The sad truth for us is, that there is again no magical revelation. The distribution of fat tissue is much more related to genetics than hormonal discrepancies. The fat we call stubborn is actually stubborn because it is written in our genetic code. It is imprinted in us. That is why slipping off the diet always ends up with fat loss always on those places which we utterly despise. Training help, yes, diet helps, yes. But we got to acknowledge the facts of our body's  natural way of manifesting itself. Whatever awkward that may sound. Embracing your God-given bone structure, muscular system is necessary for us to have a great feeling about ourselves. Atypical people on tv can't and shouldn't make the law. They are the exceptions. But as I said before, not intelligent and self-confident people make the world economy bloom. Frustrated people with low self-esteem and health problems do. Manipulation is just everywhere and embedded in every single area of our lives. I do not say that Mr. Poliquin didn't research and he is absolutely wrong. I don't have the right to say that because I am not a scientist. I can not back up my views so eloquently like a researcher, but I am a thinking person. And I would never ever give up my simple logic to anything, no matter how fancy it may sound. 
 Nevertheless, I keep searching new ways, reading about new discoveries in the weight loss issue. But till this point, nothing else proved to be worth meditating too much about, then good old fashioned day to day motivation to keep up the fitness goal each of us has.